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About Us


              A new solution for dry and aging skin



                       The Sarahi Difference




         * Sarahi Premium set, shown above consists of Facial cream, Toner, Face Serum, Moisturizer – Day and Moisturizer – Night,  achieved a significant reduction in dryness and sagging skin

      * Sarahi Premium set is proven to have visual results immediately

      * Sarahi Premium set drastically improved the skin tone overnight

      * 100% users felt their skin became smoother, younger and fresher after initial use

      * 100% of users would recommend Sarahi Premium set

      * It is suitable for young and mature skin

      * Sarahi is professionally manufactured in Australia meeting the strict guidelines of the Australian Organic Process Standard

      * Sarahi contains 0% of known carcinogenic ingredients

      * Sarahi has been formulated with highly Bio-active Medicinal Organic Herbs (Indian Gooseberry, Goji Berry, Wild Turmeric, Kakadu Plum and Lilli Pilli ) and the latest peptides that are proven to stimulate collagen synthesis and provide the world famous anti-aging function

      * Sarahi is free from chemical preservatives, Artificial Fragrance, Artificial coloring